Our Issues

Planned Parenthood Great Plains Votes works everyday in Oklahoma to promote and defend our values. Watch this space for more information and opportunities to get involved throughout session in Oklahoma. 

Updates from the Capitol

Access to Abortion

Oklahoma ranks second in the United States for the amount of anti-abortion legislation that has been passed since Roe V. Wade. The state legislature is working hard to keep it's dismal status during the 2017 legislative session. 

Representative Justin Humphrey made national and international news with his bill HB1441 that would require written permission from a spouse in order for a woman to have an abortion. While talking about his bill, he called women, "hosts" for fetuses.  

Keep reading and learn more about what you can do to stop these anti-choice bills. 

Wall of Shame

Genetic Disorder Abortion Ban

HB1549 would attempt to restrict abortion if the fetus has a genetic disorder.

The Oklahoma House believes it has the right to tell women and families how to live their lives and we at Planned Parenthood think that's wrong. We know that only individual Oklahomans can make these complex decisions for themselves. Tell the members of the Oklahoma House to do the job they were entrusted to do and STOP PLAYING DOCTOR.

Bathroom Sign Bill

SB30 requires abortion facilities to place signs in the bathrooms. This bill is an example of how extremists in the Oklahoma state legislature waste taxpayer time and money to further their agenda.


Partner Permission for Abortion

HB1441 requires a pregnant woman to get written permission from her partner in order to have an abortion.

When Justin Humphrey received international backlash for calling a pregnant woman a 'host', he doubled down and stood by his words.

Call your Oklahoma representative and tell them that this is not okay.  

Choosing Childbirth

HB1703 will allow the Oklahoma State Department of Health to grant taxpayer dollars to any nonprofit organization that encourages childbirth while discouraging abortion. It unfairly prohibits those nonprofit organizations to inform pregnant Oklahomans about any options regarding an safe, legal abortion.