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February 22, 2018 was the Kansas legislature’s turnaround deadline -- the date by which all legislation must pass in its chamber of origin in order to pass this legislative session. Planned Parenthood Great Plains Votes is monitoring the following bills:

  • Kansas Telemedicine Act: HB 2674. While this bill is good policy for telemedicine overall, it currently contains anti-abortion access language. Planned Parenthood Great Plains Votes is actively working to to change the anti-abortion language in this bill.

  • Kansas Contraceptive Equity Act: House Bill 2679 and Senate Bill 417. This bill requires insurance plans in the state of Kansas to cover all 18 types of FDA-approved birth control with no out-of-pocket cost to patients. This includes patient education and counseling related to contraceptives, voluntary female sterilization, and the insertion and removal of devices like IUDs.

Updates from the Capitol


Access to Sexual & Reproductive Health Care in Kansas

Between 2011 and 2015, the Kansas legislature passed more abortion restrictions than any other state.

In Kansas, a woman seeking a safe, legal abortion must receive state-directed counseling that includes medically inaccurate information to discourage her from continuing with the procedure. She must also undergo an ultrasound followed by a mandatory 24 hour waiting period before she may access the procedure. There is a ban on abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy unless the woman's life is at risk.  (Read more...)

Kansas Medicaid Expansion                        

More than 150,000 Kansans currently fall into the health coverage gap. 

Expanding KanCare is the responsible solution to bring federal funding back to Kansas, help create local jobs, and improve the health of Kansans across the state. (Read more...)

It is urgent that we act now and tell our elected officials to expand KanCare. 

LGBTQ+ Rights in Kansas                         

Planned Parenthood believes in absolute equality for LGBTQ+ people everywhere. In Kansas, PPGP Votes continues to work in Topeka to defend the rights and dignity of all LGBTQ+ Kansans. 

PPGPV supports Planned Parenthood Great Plains' transgender health care program. PPGPV advocates for health care equity and proactive policies to ensure every person can access sexual and reproductive health care no matter their gender identity or sexual orientation. 

Wall of Shame

SB 95

This bill is an irresponsible attack on women's access to safe, legal surgical abortion. The bill was tried in the Kansas Court of appeals by PPGP Votes' partners Doctors Hodes and Nauser and the Center for Reproductive Rights. The Kansas Court of Appeals recognized abortion as a constitutional right under the Kansas Constitution and blocked the enforcement of SB 95 in January 2016. The case is now being brought to the Kansas Supreme Court in March. 

What We're Watching...