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Dear supporter,

While Oklahoma's budget negotiations and legislative session have been relatively quiet this week, other states are seeing unprecedented, extreme abortion bans. The threat is real; the outrage justified and righteous. Anti-choice politicians have proven time and time again that they will stop at nothing to ban abortion. We have to start now to get ready for the next fight in Oklahoma.

Seven out of 10 Americans support access to safe, legal abortion. We need your help engaging these folks to build collective power to fight and win in 2020. Our grassroots organizing strategy is simple, time-tested, and proven. People power, y'all.

Volunteer with us this summer to grow our supporter base through phone banking into key districts, and engage supporters like you to tell their stories through our Health Center Advocacy Program efforts. Tell us your story about what Planned Parenthood means to you! Too often, the human impact gets left out in legislative debates about health care access. Stand with us to center the experiences of real people impacted by restrictions and bans on access to reproductive health care.


In solidarity,

Annie Norman
Oklahoma Organizer
Planned Parenthood Great Plains Votes


Thousands of Women Have Shared Abortion Stories with #YouKnowMe, New York Times

"We need people to be as loud as [the anti-abortion movement], but with the truth. That's the only thing we have. For me it includes people standing up and saying, 'I am that one in four.' It doesn't matter why, when, or how old you were. 'You know me, you like me, and I went through this.' I think there's something super empowering about being able to shift the narrative and being able to have a ton of people say, 'I've also gone through this thing.'"

Gov. Stitt vetoes bill that sought to modernize HIV/AIDS education in Oklahoma schools, KFOR

"We learn new things. This statute is over 32 years old, and the curriculum is, too, so wethought it would be cleaner so that's why we did it,' Rep. Marcus McEntire (R-50) told the Oklahoma House of Representatives. 'Did you know that if you have a partnership where one person is positive and one person is negative, the one who is negative can take one pill a day as well and practically immunize them from their partner? My kids don't know this. I didn't even know that and I'm 45.'"

Women are not the only ones who get abortions, ReWire News

"Most people who will need abortions are cis women, and the long history of opposition to abortion has been deeply intertwined with sexism and misogyny.... But the second critical truth is that women are not the only people who need abortions: People across the gender spectrum receive abortion care. While their numbers are relatively small — so small that it is difficult to get statistics, for example, on how many men receive abortions each year —they are not insignificant."

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