Oklahoma Monitor - June 10

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Dear supporter,

The 2019 legislative session came to its official close on May 31. Planned Parenthood Great Plains Votes had one of our most successful sessions in history, and we could not have done it without you. 

Together, we:

  • Encouraged more legislators than ever before to ask questions and debate against harmful bills

  • Held one of the most successful lobby days, reaching more legislators than in previous years

  • Pinked out the Senate committee room during the debate of a harmful abortion bill

Unfortunately, the so-called medication abortion "reversal" bill was signed into law. However, this was the only anti-abortion bill signed by the governor this session.

With President Trump in the White House and Justice Kavanaugh on the U.S. Supreme Court, state politicians are emboldened to try and ban safe, legal abortion. Anti-abortion politicians have already taken steps to pass a constitutional amendment removing the right to abortion from our state constitution in 2020. SB 195 may have stalled this year, but it only has to pass the House before it is available to be placed on the ballot next fall. 

Now is the time to fight back. Join us at one of our events below, host a meeting with your legislator in your home district, or make a contribution today to help us continue the fight.

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In solidarity,

Tamya Cox-Toure
Regional Director of Public Policy & Organizing
Planned Parenthood Great Plains Votes


Arkansas Doctor Stephanie Ho on 'Trigger Bans', NowThis

Planned Parenthood Great Plains' own provider Dr. Stephanie Ho speaks out about the severity of "trigger bans" and other abortion restrictions sweeping the country.

'They've Moved the Goalpost.' How Missouri Lawmakers Are Regulating Legal Abortion Out of Existence, Rewire.News

"'This didn't happen overnight,' Bonyen Lee-Gilmore, director of state media campaigns for Planned Parenthood, told Rewire.News. 'This has been several decades' worth of work by politicians who are passing medically unnecessary restrictions and working their political appointees who enforce regulation. They have picked off health center after health center, pushing care out of reach for far too many people. This has been a slow chipping away, a long term strategy by anti-abortion forces in a state who have planned a long arc to this day.'"

Misinformation dominates abortion news coverage on Facebook, MediaMatters

“Right-wing media has never been shy about promoting anti-abortion misinformation. And there's been no shortage of topics for these sites to capitalize on because of the increasing push to pass anti-abortion legislation at the state level. Media Matters' study found that beyond spreading misinformation, viral right-leaning abortion coverage also frequently advocated for anti-abortion legislation.”

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