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Dear supporter,

With the end of legislative session growing near, our team is gearing up for some of our most exciting volunteer programs. Our supporters and volunteers –– yes, that includes you –– are the lifeblood of the work we do. From making phone calls to talking with patients about the work of Planned Parenthood Great Plains Votes to helping table at Pride festivals across the state, summer is our busiest volunteer season.

Here are just a few of the ways you can become a superstar volunteer this summer:

  • Join our bi-monthly phone banking team. Our phone banks cover a wide range of topics and include calling new supporters and old friends to help keep our records up to date. These phone banks are essential to helping grow our supporter numbers –– we’re close to 50,000 people in Oklahoma who support Planned Parenthood!

  • Want to talk with patients at our health center about the work of Planned Parenthood outside of the exam room? Sign up for our Health Center Advocacy team, and you’ll have the opportunity to educate, empower, and engage patients and visitors of Planned Parenthood health centers to become advocates for their own health care needs. We’ll be holding initial trainings in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and online in May and June.

  • Are you a college student in Oklahoma? We’re joining the youth movement of more than 350 campus groups across the country. Planned Parenthood Generation Action is harnessing the power, energy, and enthusiasm of young people to fight for reproductive freedom and for fundamental justice for all. Join a Gen Action team! Sign up here

  • Love Planned Parenthood and want to help represent us in the community? Our events team and table captains program is perfect for you. These volunteers work closely with our organizers and are highly trained to be our face in the community. If you're interested in becoming a table captain, please reach out to Anna Facci (anna.facci@ppgreatplains.org) or Annie Norman (annie.norman@ppgreatplains.org) directly.

Session isn’t quite over just yet. Last week, Gov. Kevin Stitt signed SB 614, the so-called abortion "reversal" bill. In signing the bill, Stitt ignored calls and messages from repro rights supporters and the medical community, including our President and CEO Brandon Hill, who wrote, in a letter to the governor: “To mandate that doctors recommend to their patients an unproven, quasiexperimental course of drug treatment goes against medical ethics and guiding principles for care.” The law will take effect Nov. 1.

We will continue to monitor the legislature until the session officially adjourns.

Thank you for your continued support!

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See you in the field,

Anna Facci
Oklahoma Organizer
Planned Parenthood Great Plains Votes


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