Kansas Monitor - August 5

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Dear supporter,

If anyone had any doubts before, what we’ve seen this year should make it very clear: we are in a state of emergency for sexual and reproductive health care in America. It’s not a problem that anyone can simply hope will get better. It’s an emergency and a nationwide crisis — and we need to respond in kind.

Unlike a state of emergency that is called after natural disasters, this is a man-made disaster that is resulting in people’s lives being in danger. And people of color, trans people, and people in rural areas face some of the worst health outcomes. To respond to this disaster, we are calling on everyone to join us for this all hands on deck moment. 

Anti-abortion politicians have said that they will put forth an extreme anti-abortion measure next year that would change the Kansas Constitution to outlaw abortion. This is a blatant attempt to eliminate a woman’s right to access safe, legal abortion in Kansas should Roe v. Wade ever be overturned. We need your help so that we can continue fighting to keep personal decisions about reproductive health care just that –– personal, and not made by politicians. 

Your continued support is crucial right now. There is still much work to do in Kansas, and we need your help every step of the way. We hope you’ll stand with Planned Parenthood in one, or more, of the following ways:

  1. Attend an event below.

  2. Volunteer with us.

  3. Share your story about why Planned Parenthood matters to you.

  4. Make a donation.

  5. Follow Planned Parenthood Great Plains Votes Kansas on Twitter.

  6. Schedule an appointment at a Planned Parenthood health center near you.

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See you in the field,

Rachel Sweet
Regional Director of Public Policy and Organizing
Planned Parenthood Great Plains Votes

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Get Up To Date On Abortion In Kansas: The Stats, Laws and Lawsuits, KCUR

“This spring, abortion rights supporters scored a massive legal victory: The Kansas Supreme Court ruled that women have the right to abortion under the state constitution. That means even if the U.S. Supreme Court overturns its 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling, lawmakers won’t be able to ban abortion in Kansas unless voters amend the state constitution.”

Restrictive Abortion Laws Have Consequences That Reach Far Beyond State Lines, SELF

“Health centers that offer abortions typically do much more than that. They are often trusted community clinics where people get their yearly check-ups, receive screening or testing for sexually transmitted infections, and gain access to birth control. When these resources aren’t as readily accessible, people lose the ability to best look after their sexual and reproductive health.”

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