Kansas Monitor - April 3

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Dear supporter,

As the 2019 legislative session winds down, some of the biggest policy questions remain unanswered: Will the legislature pass a school funding plan? Will Medicaid expansion make it to the Senate floor? While the legislature has neglected to make progress on these important issues, they have kept sexual and reproductive health in their crosshairs.

Last week, the Kansas House passed HB 2274, which would require physicians to tell their patients about an untested, experimental course of treatment called medication abortion “reversal.” The bill passed 85-39. Legislators who support sexual and reproductive health offered multiple amendments, from allowing doctors to opt out of sharing information that violates their medical ethics, to requiring the notice given to patients include a statement from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists that medication abortion reversal is “unproven and unethical.” These amendments failed.

Thank you to all of our supporters who asked their elected officials to vote "no" on this bill! Though we may have lost the battle, we picked up “no” votes from multiple legislators who are not always supportive of sexual and reproductive health. Without your help, this would not have been possible. 

HB 2274 has been sent to the Senate with no clear path forward, but we remain on high alert. Today, conference committees are meeting to sort out differences between versions of bills that have passed both the House and Senate, though any bill that has passed at least one chamber is eligible to be “conferenced” into another.

At this late in the session, the rules go out the window, and almost anything is fair game. We expect that anti-sexual and reproductive health politicians will find a way to maneuver HB 2274 across the finish line and pass it into law. Contact your Senator TODAY and tell them you oppose HB 2274.

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See you in the field,

Rachel Sweet
Regional Director of Public Policy and Organizing

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