Oklahoma Monitor - March 11

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Dear supporter,

As an important deadline approaches on Thursday that requires all bills to be heard on the floor in each chamber, lawmakers will decide if restricting access to safe and legal abortion is more important than expanding health care to Oklahomans. Currently, there are four bills that will restrict access to abortion still progressing through the legislature. All of these bills are harmful and do nothing to protect women’s health care. We have talked to many legislators about the problems with all of these bills. Many have been very open to hearing those concerns.

Last week, SB 614 passed out of the full senate. SB 614 would require doctors to give false information by telling a patient that it is possible to reverse a medication abortion. There is no scientific evidence that this practice is effective or even safe for patients. See how your senator voted.

After Thursday’s deadline, the process starts all over again. Bills will be heard in committee and then on the floor in the opposite chamber. So, even if these four bills make it past Thursday’s deadline, we still have a chance to fight back — and we will!

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In solidarity,

Tamya Cox-Toure
Regional Director of Public Policy & Organizing
Planned Parenthood Great Plains Votes


Oklahoma House votes to send $2 million to "choose life centers," Tulsa World

"Echols was up front about the intention of his bill. Asked if the bill would lead to women being talked out of abortions, perhaps in some cases through pressure or misleading information, he replied, 'If you vote yes, you're voting to give money to people who will try to convince women to have their child...(and) not to have abortion.''

Lawsuit: Trump family-planning rule politicizes medicine, Associated Press

"A new Trump administration rule for family-planning grants could trigger a national public health crisis, the American Medical Association and Planned Parenthood said in a lawsuit Tuesday challenging the rule."

Proposed laws: Noteworthy bills alive in the Legislature as many measure died in committee, Tulsa World

"Here are some measures that stood out, and links to news related to any movement on the bill in the Legislature. Several bills were not voted through committee by last week's deadline and therefore cannot be considered for 2019."

Trump's Title X 'Gag Rule' Will Disproportionately Affect Women of Color, Elle

"'Making sure that I’m healthy is really important to me, but it feels like it’s in the hands of folks in the White House negotiating my life. It's a little scary to leave it up to somebody else.'"

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