Kansas Monitor - March 1

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Dear supporter,

Last week, the House Health and Human Services Committee had a hearing on House Bill 2274, which would require physicians to provide patients with information about a dubious and experimental protocol called medication abortion “reversal.”

Medication abortion “reversal” is unproven, untested, and could put women’s health at risk. The committee was under a tight timeline to work the bill and move it to the House floor. They missed their deadline, but the bill has been “blessed” by House leadership, meaning they could work the bill at any point this session. A companion bill introduced in the Senate has also been “blessed.”

We might learn the most about the Kansas legislature by looking at some of the bills that didn’t get blessed, and therefore weren’t a priority for leadership. Those include:

  • HB 2079: Removing the spousal exception from sexual battery

  • HB 2124: Requiring health insurance plans to cover contraceptives (PPGPV’s Contraceptive Equity Act)

  • HB 2074: Requiring insurance coverage for preexisting conditions

  • HB 2090: Automatic voter registration

  • HB 2208: Creating the crime of sexual extortion

And the list could go on…

We will keep you informed about the dangerous medication abortion “reversal” bills as they move through the process. In the meantime, you can contact the House Health and Human Services Committee and tell them to OPPOSE HB 2274. 

It’s up to us to hold our legislators accountable as the session continues. Thank you for supporting Planned Parenthood, Kansas women, and their families.

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See you in the field,

Rachel Sweet
Regional Director of Public Policy and Organizing

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