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The Kansas legislative session is picking up — that means more bills targeting reproductive health and rights.

Last week, the Senate debated and passed SCR 1606, a resolution condemning New York’s Reproductive Health Act. The New York law was a huge victory for reproductive rights, removing abortion from the state’s criminal code and adding state-level protections for New Yorkers who need access to safe, legal abortion. With so much uncertainty about the future of Roe v. Wade, this is a trend we can expect to continue in more progressive states.

This law has zero impact on the lives of Kansans, and neither does SCR 1606. This was all about political grandstanding at the expense of women who need access to abortion. Senator Dinah Sykes (D-Overland Park) summed up my feelings pretty well:

“Today’s episode of political theater is as cynical as any that I have witnessed in the last three years. Today, we are wasting our time and the money of Kansas taxpayers….The cynic in me believes that the primary reason we are voting on this resolution is for postcards for 2020 elections.”

Thirteen senators stood up for reproductive rights and opposed this bill. See how your senator voted and send them a message.

On Wednesday, the House Health and Human Services committee will hear HB 2274, which would require doctors to tell their patients about an untested, experimental treatment called abortion pill “reversal.” Proponents of so-called “reversal” believe that between the first and second pills in a medication abortion, women can take a dose of progesterone, which would allegedly counteract the effects of mifepristone (or RU-486) and allow the pregnancy to continue.

There is no scientific or medical evidence that proves that reversing a medication abortion is possible: no clinical trials, no objective or credible data. There is no scientific evidence that this practice is effective or safe for patients.

The relationship between doctors and patients is based on trust; that means providing information that is medically accurate. At Planned Parenthood, we believe that everyone must be able to make their own health care decisions with the advice and expertise of their health care provider — not politicians. HB 2274 would force doctors to give their patients advice that goes against their own best medical judgment.

Patients seeking health care deserve honest and accurate medical advice, not politically motivated misinformation. Tell the House Health and Human Services committee to OPPOSE HB 2274.

With 60 co-sponsors, we expect HB 2274 to sail through the legislative process and land on the Governor’s desk. But we’re not letting it get out of committee without a fight. We will keep you updated on ways you can engage your elected officials on this issue.

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See you in the field,

Rachel Sweet
Regional Director of Public Policy and Organizing


Kansas’ abortion uncertainty fuels response to New York law, AP News

Kansas lawmakers introduce ‘abortion reversal’ bill promoting controversial practice, Kansas City Star

"The New York law was designed to codify protections for a woman's right to obtain an abortion granted by the U.S. Supreme Court's historic 1973 Roe v. Wade decision and other court rulings at a time when abortion-rights backers fear a more conservative high court might strive down Roe."

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