Planned Parenthood Great Plains Votes 2017 Endorsements

We're proud to endorse the following candidates for elections this fall. 


Angeliina Lawson for JCCC Board of Trustees

Vote for Angelina at the ballot box on November 7th. 

PPGPV is proud to support Angeliina Lawson for the Johnson County Community College (JCCC) Board of Trustees. Angeliina is a staunch defender of Planned Parenthood and advocate for quality, affordable health care, and will bring strong leadership to our education system. 


hillary shields

Hillary Shields for Missouri's 8th Senate District

Missouri's 8th Senate District Special Election November 7th

Planned Parenthood Great Plains Votes is proud to endorse Hillary Shields to represent Missouri’s 8th Senate District.  Here are a few reasons why Hillary has our vote:

  • Hillary is a Planned Parenthood patient who also champions sexual and reproductive health care.
  • She was one of the co-founding members of the Kansas City chapter of Indivisible, a volunteer organization dedicated to holding elected officials accountable for their votes, statements, and actions through grassroots engagement. 
  • Hillary’s decision to take her activism to the next step and challenge for this seat comes at a critical time for Missouri women and families because an anti-choice supermajority controls the state legislature with a Governor who rubberstamps the most ideologically extreme bills that come to his desk. 
  • Hillary’s opponent, Mike Cierpiot, has consistently voted for bad policy, putting thousands of women who depend on Planned Parenthood for care at risk.